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April 22 & 23 is VINYLTHON 2023 for radio stations across the world! Our annual Vinylthon event is a valuable opportunity to remind audiences that college radio still champions the unique music format of vinyl! We are also raising money to support students who want to work in radio professionally after graduation!


The Vinylthon is organized by the College Radio Foundation, a non-profit organization behind the hugely successful national College Radio Day event every Fall, and last year saw radio stations broadcasting special programs entirely with music played from vinyl records only. Some stations also broadcast a full 24-hours of nothing but vinyl music!


We are looking for sponsors for this event!



  • Your company logo on our website and social media
  • Your company mentioned in an email from us to the 500+ college radio stations in our database
  • Your company mentioned in our syndicated Vinylthon Radio Special played by participating radio stations
  • An official recognition plaque of your sponsorship


Vinylthon Official Sponsorship (PLATINUM)

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